About as

Milesfarma JSC mission is to provide valuable therapeutic treatment and diagnostics options in the healthcare market of Lithuania.

  • Our experience covers researching, analysing and bringing to the market new products.
  • All employees of Milesfarma JSC are physicians with extensive practical experience as well as experience in sales and marketing and assisting in clinical trials in different international pharmaceutical companies.
  • We have long lasting professional contacts in mentioned countries.

If you want to launch a product on the Lithuanian market, we would be glad to receive your request.

​Strong partners, attractive products and our knowledge of the pharmaceutical market research, marketing and sales are the factor’s for Milesfarma JSC success.


Milesfarma JSC offers a package of products marketing services which includes:

  • representation products and services in Lithuanian market;
  • preparation of products marketing and sales strategy; 
  • preparation of marketing and sales plans;
  • implementation of sales plans;
  • representation of your products in exhibitions;
  • organization of advertising companies;
  • production of promotional materials;
  • analysis of marketing actions of advertising companies.

Please send us request at e-mail: info@milesfarma.lt

Company code: 303545350
VAT code: LT1000091224113
E-mail info@milesfarma.lt
WEB: www.milesfarma.lt


Bank: AB „Citadele“ bankas
Bank code: 72900
A/S (IBAN): LT33 7290 0000 1346 7491